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GCR and other Reference Guides




The 2011 Sports Car Club of America General Competition Rulebook (GCR) is now available for download from the SCCA website.  It is in PDF format.


Another drivers reference book, The Portable Drivers Advisor, was written by one of WDCR's own stewards, John Nesbitt.  It is in PDF format and can be downloaded from the link below.



 TitleSize (Kb)Description
The Portable Drivers Advisor390.14Updated: 2012
Summit Point MARRS 101231.48An Instructional Guide


2014 MARRS Preferred Numbers Rules



2014 MARRS Season Preferred Numbers will be available mid-February.  Here are the rules:


1) Only one preferred number per vehicle logbook may be reserved.


2) Once claimed, a preferred number is reserved for the entire season.


3) Qualified racers from 2013 will retain their numbers and will be automatically assigned for 2014.


4) To qualify, more than 1/2 the MARRS races at Summit Point must have been run in 2013 with their reserved number from that season.


5) All others must use the on-line system (when available) to claim a number for 2014.


6) Preferred numbers will be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis (after the automatically qualified).


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